Refrigiwear Writing Sample

I got the opportunity to do a writing exercise for Refrigiwear, a cold weather gear company local to Georgia. I am proud of the results of the writing from the prompt provided so I wanted to share them in my portfolio.

Iron-Tuff Siberian Jacket


Detailed Description:

Built to protect in the most brutal of settings, the Iron-Tuff Siberian™ can handle the harshest conditions that your occupation can throw your way. Named for the notoriously severe winters in Siberia, where temperatures can reach -89°F, this iconic jacket is tough enough for any job and works with you instead of against you boasting a sleek vintage design with maneuverability in mind. The 420-denier nylon outershell is tear and abrasion resistant, water repellent with a wind-tight finish and includes bound seams to seal out drafts.

Thoughtful details only a true workman would know you need while getting the job done include; a zipper sleeve pocket with a 2-pencil stall, draft-sealing elastic back band, an expandable soft-fleece collar for added comfort and 11.25 oz. RefrigiFill™ insulation with extended fingertip-length protection keeping you warm down to -50°F. The Iron-Tuff Siberian™ also features stylish detailing with reinforced brass rivets at stress points and a durable brass zipper which sets itself apart from drab competitors. With 65 years of proven results, the Iron-Tuff® collection keeps you warm so you can keep taking care of business.

Social Media Ideas:

-The Iron-Tuff Siberian Jacket, the difference between being uncomfortable in the cold or working right through it.

-Work through the cold with our Iron-Tuff Siberian Jacket. Keeping you moving and warm until a job well done.

-Keeping you warm so you can keep taking care of business, the Iron-Tuff Collection. Proven results for over 65 years.

– [sung in the tune of My Favorite Things from the Sound of Music]

“♪Abrasion resistant and water repellent,

Maneuverability with a wind-tight finish,

Soft fleece lined collar and a 2-pencil stall,

these are a few of my favorite things…about the Iron-Tuff Siberian Jacket.”


Arctic Duck Jacket with Hood


Detailed Description:

The Arctic Duck Jacket with Hood keeps you warm no matter if you’re hammering away on-the-clock or reeling one in at the dock. This versatile jacket will quickly become your go-to when on-the-go. Easily transition from the work site to date night thanks to our 100% Cotton Double-Fill Duck with Teflon which will allow you to wipe the days dirt and grime away before heading out looking fresh. No need to resist the rain or brace from the cold because this jacket is water resistant and features an inside waist seal and extended back for draft protection, two hand warmer pockets and a Sherpa lined hood. There is also plenty of pocket space to store your phone, wallet, keys and even a built-in pencil pocket. This jacket prepares you for whatever the day throws your way.

Social Media Ideas:

-Working hard or hardly working? Either way your hands will be warm in our hand warming pockets on the new Arctic Duck Jacket with Hood.

-A jacket you’ll be proud to coat check on date night after leaving the job site. The Artic Duck Jacket with Hood, offering comfort and maneuverability without sacrificing style and durability.

-Whether you’re casting a line or laying pipeline, this jacket has got your back from the cold.


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