Photography Assignment

In this section we learned about the various rules of photography such as ‘rule of thirds’, ‘simplify’ and the ‘golden section.’ We put those skills to use by working on our own portfolio with those new rules in mind. Below are my examples:


Less is more. The photographer will give focus to the subject and remove everything that doesn’t add to it.

Rule of Thirds

Divide the image into thirds and position your subject in the right, left, top or bottom third.

Golden Section

In photography, the golden section is used to divide the frame into proportions which are appealing to the eye.

Rule of Odds

Use odd numbered items in your photos…go against the norm!

Rule of Contrast

Contrast means an emphasis on the subject and depth of field in the photo.

Diagonals & Curves

Pretty self explanatory but diagonals and curves in photos make for a very cool image which is against the norm!

Leading Lines

Guide the eyes with lines and shapes in your photos!


Give Space

In photos, this rule is accomplished by having the subject look off to one side and stating off the frame.