JRMC 7010

As Emerging Media Master’s students we are charged with understanding all facets of emerging media before we graduate. 7010 Digital Media Design and Aesthetics plays an integral role in the development of our skills. Per the syllabus  we are to examine graphic design, visual persuasion and aesthetics and to draw on theories and practices of visual communication in contemporary and digital media design.

The skills we should walk away from the class knowing are developing knowledge of the leading theoretical frameworks and concepts addressing graphic design, aesthetics, visual communication, and persuasion. Working with the software of their choice, students will apply this knowledge to a series of projects, prototypes, and storyboards. They will also critically evaluate the work of contemporary developers and designers from a visual communication perspective and assess their impact on digital media design and aesthetics.

Weekly we submitted Design Journals which were used to help us flex our creativity outside the classroom using the techniques and ideas we learned in class.

During the first half of the semester each student presented a Design Critique to the class on a product they used often and had to identify three aspects of the design they liked and three which could be improved upon. I chose to do mine on Google Risevision Digital Signage software which I use everyday at work.

All semester long we as a class worked on creating an Academic Journal entitled the Journal of Digital Design. This journal was built as a class from the ground up, from the name to the group project we produced using interviews and research skills. I am excited to see how the Journal of Digital Design grows with the next generation of Emerging Media Masters Students.

Also as a class we helped create a proposal for an Emerging Media Design Lab at Grady College. That was a fun project that we really got to dream big with. I am excited to see if the project will get off the ground before I graduate.

Finally, we started our Emerging Media Capstone project in 7010. Using the skills we learned in class we started to develop our ideas and craft them on paper. You can view my 7010 final project here.

Overall I think this class was very beneficial to the program. It forced me to become a creative not just in the design world but in the real world. I now constantly find myself seeking out design in my everyday life. Whether that be standing in line at the grocery store or checking out the label on a can of soup, analyzing every decision from typography to branding. I really feel like this class will be one of my favorites from my time in the EM program and I am excited and ready to use these skills in the next courses that come my way!